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Oy Stonicwood Ab is a family company founded in 1997. Hans Nikula is the owner of the company, and he works also as the managing director.

The company was founded by Hans Nikula and Carl-Johan Storbacka. The name of the company is formed by the first letters in the grounder’s surnames, Storbacka and Nikula, and the end “wood” refers to the manufacturing of wooden products. The company was transferred entirely to Nikula’s possession in 2000. Storbacka has been working in a company called Wistfors såg (Wistfors sawmill) for a number of years before the foundation of Stonicwood. Wistfors såg is a sawmill which also has been planing wood and manufacturing wooden packages. Hans Nikula joined the activity in 1997, and in the same year Oy Stonicwood Ab was founded. The planing and the manufacturing of the packages were moved to Stonicwood and the sawing was continued by Wistfors såg with a portable sawmill.

Oy Stonicwood Ab has been growing consistently and offers today permanent full time jobs for about ten people. In the latest years the company has been investing in automatics and today the pallets are built mainly by robots and custom-made nailing lines. The company’s set of machines is world top class and technologically a forerunner. The nailing line is made by IMH. The automatics and working of the robots are made and planned by Oy RobotiON Ltd. On the nailing line it is possible to manufacture pallets sized between 600x600–1450x1600 even with 1 mm difference. Producing pallets of different sizes is fast because the line is fully automatic. Besides changing of the wood it takes only about 10 seconds to change the installations of the line.

Stonicwood’s main customers are in the domestic industry. Stonicwood manufactures pallets by ISPM 15 standard and normal disposable pallets. The pallets are adequate as they are for export to e.g. China, Australia, New-Zeeland, Canada or USA. All countries that have approved the conditions of the ISPM 15 standard are committed to accept the pallets that follow the regulations.

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